A Walk In The Garden

Cool sunbeams dance
On the dew speckled
All around
On every waking leaf

Busily buzzing workers hurry
From station to station
Shaking hands with petals
Every color of the rainbow

My boots leave footprints
On the same dirt path I have walked
Hundreds of times

But I don’t come to listen to the bees buzzing
Or the lark chirping its merry good morning
Greeting the squirming meal
It will soon devour

I hear muffled screams
Breathing life into beautiful tulips
Tears flowing into the soil
Giving vigor to the centennials

The intoxicating rhythm
Of nails scratching and clawing
The wonderful crescendo
Of overwhelming hopelessness

Oh how their pleas echo!
Floating on the breeze
Gliding above the beautiful landscape
Falling on deaf emptiness

I am their conductor
Here in this garden

I have walked this path
So many times
Slowly adding voices
To my own personal choir



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