Tired – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #9

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I have toiled too long
Unable to dig deep enough
To bury the past where
Nobody will ever find it

I am too tired to take
Another step into my desires
Too worn from satiating the beast
That hungers inside me

The twilight talks of a conscience
Long lost to the howling moon
Speaks of a morality
Long since carried away

This time though
Things might be different
As I dig what could very well be
The last one

Too many times I’ve tried
To find the courage to stop
Myself from finding another
Night of filthy sacrifice

But I find myself toiling again tonight
In the wake of a battle
With myself
That I’ve lost long ago

So I dig
As her eyes flutter open
Catching the ancient light
Of the weeping moon above

Faint mumbles awaken the night air
But cannot bring to life
To that part of me
That I lost so long ago

The digging stops and so soon
Is extinguished that flicker
That brought life to this dead evening

Tonight’s work is done


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