The Sun Never Shines – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days Number 8

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The Sun Never Shines

The serenity is oppressive
In the emptiness of these streets
I wander amidst the lightest of breezes
Carrying the souls of a lost people to the east

Where the sun would rise
If the murkiness of the skies would
Ever subside and give respite to the wanderers
Who still remain trying to find themselves in the shadows

Stone obelisks stretch to the skies
Shaking hands with the charcoal canopy
That mocks us silently from its arrogant perch
Just below the heavens where the thunder of dissent rumbles

No, the sun never shines
Here upon this deserted grey city
For the sun is only given as a gift to those
Who are infinite in their thankfulness to silent gods

To silent unmerciful gods


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