Keep the Smell Down


a 17 yr old dog whines at me
he doesnt know theres not
much left

climbing stairs?
fuck that
he sleeps on the first floor

i slept on the couch
till the missus threatened to leave me
but he wasnt going anywhere

“a 17 yr old stray?!”
“fuck you he needs me”
“whered he even come from?!”

i moved the bed downstairs
and slept with the old fart
till he left me too


i argued with jobs comforters

“how bout a cat?”
“too selfish”

“make her an outdoor cat
let her outside and
dont worry bout it”

gotta keep the smell down
just shove him outside

“for christs sake im not lonely”
“no one likes cats till they get one”


he wastes away on my front porch
with the moon and the maggots
good boy

fuck that
i sleep on the first floor

i havent showered in weeks


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