Thirty Poems in Thirty Days Part 2 Number 5 – Close Your Eyes

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Close Your Eyes

Twilight settles into our hearts
As the thunder beyond the door
Rumbles ceaselessly, echoing the call
Of lost souls drunkenly searching

Shattered moon beams fall slowly
Through the looking glass
Creating shimmering specters of our bodies
As we draw closer, ever closer

Longing turns to lust
Passion transforms to thirst
Drum beats echo in our chests
As loneliness disappears

If only a brief respite
It is still eternal to me
A ripple that will ring forever
Carried by our memories

As we carry ourselves through lives
Tainted with the regret
Of what we will know after tonight
Can never truly ever really be

Clothes float to the floor
Cast aside like every care
That so callously plagued our minds
Not hours ago

Perfume and cologne twirl together
Ascending to greet the ceiling
Her body intertwines with mine
Descending into blissful ignorance

Of everything that we thought mattered
Not hours ago
Lips meet as our our fantasies greet
Each other here on the landscape of our dreams

An unspoken understanding
Like a playful  puppeteer
Guides, no, controls
Every move here in the workshop of our desires

We are lost in the run
Perspiring away every hesitation
That held us back
Not hours ago

I sink into the most beautiful surrender
She breathes silently into me
The moonlight decorates her glistening form
Her body arches and cries

Ecstasy through the paralyzed winter night
I am lost as she falls to me
Embraces me with hopefulness for eternity
I tell her that her wish

Is now, that she is living
The forever that she seeks
She asks me, what of your forever?
I draw her into me and tell her close your eyes


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