30 Poems in 30 Days Part 2 Number 4 – As the Wind Chimes Toll

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As the Wind Chimes Toll

Shadows of cornstalks that once
Stood valiantly in the field
He stands looking across
Remain and he can hear
Their muffled screams echo
Across the plane

Misunderstandings growing
Each day that passes
People throwing compassion
Away to be carried into the ocean
By the winds of time passing

So it was, and so shall it be
For all that has come and
For all that is to be

He stands knowing that
It will never change
Because change only comes
For those who will it

He silently weeps
Shedding no tears
But instead shedding all that
Which he holds so dear

The gentle ringing of the wind chimes
Hangs in the desolate air


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