30 Poems in 30 Days Part 2 Number 3 – Flicker

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The briefest of bursts
Sprints through his mind
As a sharp wind chills
Through all of time

The salt leaves a sorrowful trail
Burning its memory forever
Into his ashen cheeks
As he stands

Unable to will
His body to act
Unable to convince
Himself to do anything

The crimson tide flows to his feet
Slithering into the grooves of his boots
Snaking around behind his heels
The glue that holds him in place

Handfuls of brunette wisps
Kiss the calming breeze
As it gently lifts them to the clouds
Where they shall forever float in peace

As his heart beats
As her heart ceases
She is gone
From memory and world

She is now but a twitch
That every now and then
Grabs at the back of his mind


At the edge of time


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