Endings – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days # 30

The last poem of the thirty!

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I have lived through a thousand
Weeping endings
Evenings spent sulking in the shadows
That guard me from my own happy endings

I have wished the worst
On those I thought deserved
Painful punishments for the crimes
They have committed
Their hands calloused with regret
Silent rage ripping through their souls

But it is with those same hands that I hold
My own bumbling babes
It is that same rage that fuels
The mercy I hold for those who are still to come

Like the flowing fires
Of the deepest depths in the earth
My tears burn trails
As they run their trenches down my face

I have lived through a thousand endings
Weeping at them all
Smiles fade, and laughter dies
Happiness is fickle and swift
But I shall forever feel the burning
Of the trails my tears have left


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