I Wish – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days # 25

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s number twenty five of thirty.

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I Wish

I wish I could explain
I could somehow communicate
What is inadequately described as the pain
That comes from the knowledge of the locked gate

With each effort in my struggle
I sink even deeper into the swell
With each step I tumble
Ever harder than I previously fell

I wish I could describe
The temptation of the knife
I wish I could find
The brush strokes to paint you a picture
Of my life

There is an unending satisfaction
That comes with the darkest vengeance
Walking over graves of splintered factions
As the vibrancy of my emotions dampens

I wish I could tell you
Why hate is the only shield I have
I wish there was someone I could tell too
How it feels to be on the brink of going mad

Staring at the clouds that gather above
Listening to the rain patter against the glass
Sitting lonely longing only for a comforting touch
That is never to come, alas

I wish I could show you
Through a day of walking my tightrope
I wish I could take you and we could go to
My field of false hopes

I only wish that somewhere in this vast land
I could find some simple way
To make you understand


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