We Found Love – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #21

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s number twenty one of thirty.

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We Found Love

Here is a tale
Quite the happy story
Allow me to regale
With a yarn of darkness and glory

I saw once a thing
Such as could not be forgot
It would sit and sing
With its melodies
Not but fear was wrought

It would cry to the moon
Howling in the night
Weeping, terrified and lonely
Its heartache would cease
If it could find love, if only

Its screeches would painfully
Pierce the oppressive silence
There upon what I called
The rain-slickened summit of darkness

Not even the angriest thunder
Or sharpest strike of lightning
Could bring this creature solace
There upon what I called
The rain-slickened summit of darkness

Encroaching upon this poor thing
Every so quickly
Was the darkest of shadows
With intentions so prickly

Yet this creature would not be silent
There upon the rain-slickened summit of darkness

Then one night, to my amazement
I found the creature had simply vanished
Imagine my surprise
To find that by the shadow
That poor thing had been banished

But as I turned and continued looking
My mind a new thought did glean
I kept turning and looking
And found that not even the shadow could be seen

Finally I heard that most complete silence
There upon the rain-slickened summit of darkness

But it was not so anymore
For the darkness had receded
Driven from the night’s welcoming shore

Such I saw it had been replaced
By a light so brightly beaming
With a shining glory I was now faced
A blazing torch there now gleaming

I figured it to be
Someone I would never come to see
Yet I could take comfort in the fact
That whoever had left this light
Upon that blackened tract

Had saved this poor creature
From its damned and doomed future
Brought to its heart the love for which it longed
Ceased its endless cries from the lonely shores

There would now forever be brilliance
There upon what once was
The rain-slickened summit of darkness


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