Everything – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days # 16

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s number sixteen of thirty.

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I am a child conceived on the darkest of nights
With not but the faintest of stars struggling to be seen
Beyond the blackest twilight
So shallow was my breath that the simplest sight of my
Labored breathing wrought smoking shadows
Upon the staunchest of hearts resolved to keep me
From springing suddenly from behind horrific curtains
Of the most unsustainable blindness
Now I sit stupidly atop my throne glowing with the most brilliant arrogance

The mist whispers silhouettes
Of a time long forgotten
Into my mind
As I float in the most calmly
Frightened state it has ever been
My misfortune to be fortunate enough
To be trapped in

It is no wonder
How truly wonderful the callous
Landscape of my thoughts
Becomes as I wonder
What wondrous worlds lay
At my feet and all I had to do
Was but to step one small step forward
To find myself wondering what whimsical land
Now surrounded me

Had I but taken that one small step



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