Flashing Lights – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days # 8

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s number eight of thirty.

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Flashing Lights

He is blinded
The red and blue
Flares strike
Everything he sees

The lights dance
Off his crimson hands
What he has done
The innocence he has

They pierce his eyes
Seeing the man
He once was
The illuminate him
So all can see
What he has become

He crashes
Thunders to his knees
Poised metal snakes
Pointed at him
Peek through the lights

He collapses
Chest and face colliding
With cool damp grass
Eyelids closing
Wiping away the sights
Of the past

A salty storm swells
As judgment takes hold of him
By his wrists
With its cold steely grip

That’s it
He embraces surrender
He has given
All he has to give


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