Doorbells – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days # 6

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s number five of thirty.

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I wait to hear them ring
Signaling the coming
Of the thing
That beckons
From the other side

The doorbells sing
They find me huddled
In the darkest corners
Pressing my palms into my head
Trying to keep them out

Their songs swallow
Me whole as I wallow
In the fear that follows
The ringing of the doorbells

I am paralyzed
Struck by their sharp sting
As the venom is winding
Into my being

Unyielding sorrow
Clenches my eyelids closed

As the door creaks open
I cannot tell
What creeps in the shadows

The salty warmth of tears
Swells as the fears
Melt my resolve

I warn you now
As I tell this tale

Do not speak ill
Or do not speak at all
Of the creature that comes
With the tolling of the doorbells



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