A New Poem

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Dangerous territory

The fields of her mind

Devoid of serenity

Immune from the passage of time


She shivers and quivers

The heat grips her

Mumbles haunted whispers

As her soul cracks like dry timber


She runs

And runs

Going nowhere

The safety of a comforting hand eluding her



Memory stitches itself

To terrible memory

Joins itself cleverly

To ghosts of the not so distant past


She is strength

But her strength makes her lonely

In the darkness of the oppressive night

She is the one and only

Passenger of her nightmares


They are a different reality

That she had once lived

Though she found freedom

She still struggles to free herself from that reality’s grip


It comes for her every night

Hungry with fangs bare

Galloping after her

It can smell her unending fear


But she is strong

So she perseveres

The daylight peeks through

Her curtains

Illuminates the cool morning air


Her eyes flutter

Her heart shudders

She tumbles

Out of the past

Into the present


The day begins

The waiting game

She goes through the motions

In anxious anticipation

For sleep to take her again


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