Resolved: Single-gender classrooms would improve the quality of education in American public schools.

Resolved: Single-gender classrooms would improve the quality of education in American public schools.

This topic is stupid, offensive, and antiquated. Also, it’s empirically false. We know that it’s empirically false, and yet, here we are, debating nonsense. Let me start by getting the potential points of definition debate out in the open, and then, we can pretend like those points don’t exist, and try to come up with coherent case positions.

What is gender? Especially in the modern world, how would you define a single-gender classroom? Are homosexuals a different gender? What about transgender kids? Do we put all of them in a separate classroom?

What is a “single gender classroom” referring to? Does that mean the whole school is single-gender? Does that mean that boys and girls go to the same school but separate when they go to classes? I’m actually not quite sure.

How do you define the quality of education? Is it measured by standardized test scores? Is it measured by a population’s innovations? Is it measured by economic prosperity? Or is it something entirely different? Again, I’m not quite sure there’s a good answer to this.

Alright, with all that in mind, let’s assume we’re going to use generic emotional definitions for the above and come up with case positions.


1. It prevents distractions – Because students clearly have uncontrollable libidos, and that is the main thing preventing them from getting a good quality education, we need to separate males from females. It prevents distractions so that students can focus on their education. This, in turn, will lead to a better education because students will learn more.

2. Single-gender private schools perform better – Standardized test scores, college acceptance rates, etc… are all greater among single-gender private schools. CLEARLY, this is because these schools are single-gender, and not because they’re better funded, located in higher class socioeconomic areas, and run by people with great connections. Therefore, it only makes sense that single-gender classrooms will lead to higher quality education.


1. Gender isn’t even an issue – American public school education suffers from a variety of ailments, none of which are related to the proximity of boys to girls. Single-gender classrooms won’t do anything. The quality of education will actually stay exactly the same.

2. Separate isn’t equal – Equality is essential in our public school system, and separate schooling is inherently unequal. It will cause disparities in gender education and eventually lead to a socioeconomic divide, like it has everywhere else in the world where this is practiced.

Ok, real talk, con wins. Why? Because Pro is false. Sorry NFL, that’s just how the real world works.

I hope you can come up with some creative positions….or have super conservative judges, because otherwise, the Pro has a long uphill battle to win this topic.


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