Studying the mind in darkness unkind,

Can infinity be the answer to life
So solid and poison and filled with delight?
When time becomes timeless and days into nights
echo on through the caverns with the search still in sight

Lightning strikes the mind at work
Answers unquestioned, slick tales trailing
the wailing of thoughts sailing on through the timeless
A gasp for perpetuity

And wandering back through forests of failing
And measured steps with thoughtless wailing
And strides of privacy; endless, prevailing
And last pages lost, but still more unveiling

When your courageous mind adventures
On this destitute dirt past barriers and truth
Compromise your sanity.
Fortify your thirst

take solace in knowing you haven’t changed time
And It will go on through somewhere and somerhyme
so long as eternity takes hold in your mind.


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