Delayed Flights – Daily Log Days 30 – 35

I sincerely apologize for my absence from the blogosphere for the past couple days. I’m currently sitting at the airport, waiting for my delayed flight. I hate flight delays; they make me want to punch babies. Nevertheless, I am all sorts of amused by the fact that this flight is almost entirely comprised of Epic folks. I love my job, and I thoroughly enjoy the company of the people I work this. That all being said, I am keeping up with my goals; updates are below. My birthday is also this Friday! Yay! As a result of this, today’s thought is one about celebration.

Thought of the Day

Celebration is a very valuable and often overlooked part of life. You should celebrate every accomplishment in your life, and not just the big ones. In fact, celebrate everything. Celebrate the good days for bringing you joy, and celebrate the bad ones for teaching you something and keeping you understand. Celebrate that you are alive and have opportunities, and celebrate that you have an awesome blog to read πŸ˜› People get hung up on singular negative events in their lives, and they forget that they have been gifted with the wonders that the world has to offer. Me, I’m celebrating the awesomeness of getting staffed to my first customer and beginning customer work! πŸ˜€

Weekly Weight Loss: -19 lbs

By the way, pen spinning combos are hard. I have a lot of the solitary moves down, but putting them together is all sorts of challenging. Nevertheless, I’m still plugging along πŸ™‚


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