Impulse Control (or lack thereof) – Daily Logs Days 24-27

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple days. I became super busy super quickly. Nevertheless, I have returned to the blogosphere with updates! My hair now has purple and blue highlights! Why?! Because I felt like it! It looks all sorts of sexy. That is the inspiration for today’s thought. Before that, however, I must update y’all on a few things. I saw Looper and Seven Psychopaths. Both movies were phenomenal. Finally, I had the privilege of seeing a movie that does time travel right, and a movie that brilliantly deconstructs action movies in a fashion similar to Cabin in the Woods (if you didn’t see Cabin in the Woods or thought it was bad, go fuck yourself :)). I always hate putting smile at the end of parenthetical expressions because it just looks like two parentheses after a colon. Also, I made a new friend who also thoroughly enjoys playing poker and wants to get into live games. New rounding buddies are always good. My 21st is coming up in a little under two weeks, and I’m super excited. Anywho, on to the thought of the day.

Thought of the Day

Impulse control is useless, unless you’re a killer. In that case, it would likely be a good trait to have. If not, then you need to follow your impulses more often. A person told me they were very surprised that I got my hair dyed because normally people just talk about doing things and then never follow through. As we age and become increasingly meshed into the “real world,” we often lose our capacity to dream, let alone to follow those dreams. As Adam Sandler pointed out so eloquently in Mr. Deeds, very few of us end up where we dreamt we would when we were children.

The idea that the confines of the real world do not allow room to be idealistic is a myth. In fact, I would wager that the people who are happiest with their lives are those who have a disregard, often completely so, for societal conventions. They do not stifle their impulses or desires because they understand that those desires are what most genuinely make them who they are. Here’s the truth about the real world; it is exactly what you make it. You build your reality with every decision and compromise you make. Every compromise or suppressed impulse/desire robs you of a little bit of yourself. At a certain point, life begins passing around you, and you cease to actually live it.

So, in short, fuck controlling yourself. All this constrained behavior is just nonsense. Do what it do, and you will find yourself much happier. I guarantee it.

Weight Loss Total: -14 lbs


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