Coolers, Coolers, Coolers – Daily Log Day 21

AGH! Today was a horrendously frustrating day at the tables. I got hit by cooler after cooler and lost $500. Blargh! So, instead of a thought today, I decided to outline how horrendous these hands were for me. Enjoy!

I look down at AK suited on the cutoff, and I make it $12 preflop. I get 2 callers. Flop is A K 3 rainbow. I bet, get raised by a loose player, re-raise, he goes all in for a total of about $100. I have $340 in front of me, so I call. He has a set of 3s, blech.

Literally the next hand, I make it $8 pre flop with 7s, and I get one caller. The flop is 7 8 4 rainbow. I bet, get shoved for about $70, and I call….she has a set of 8s. Phenomenal!

A few hands later, I limp in early position with K Q off suit, and there are 4 callers. Flop is K 3 6 rainbow. I bet, get called. Turn is irrelevant, I bet $25, get called. I check the river, and he checks behind me….with A K. Eff!

Not long after that, my Qs got cracked by 4s.

This type of nonsense happened all day. At one point, the guy to my right just says, “Wow man, this really isn’t your day. Ice cold deck for you.” The terrible thing is that there is no way I could have played any of these hands differently. Maybe I could’ve gotten away from the 7s, but that would’ve been sick. I think I’m going to take a poker break for a couple days and just relax, work on beatboxing and spinning. I need to recover after today 😛

Poker Bankroll: $20


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