Pleasant Surprises – Daily Log Days 16 & 17

I apologize for missing a log, but I got home very late last night and just collapsed. I had an interesting night. I went to the tables and ended up dropping $383. I chalked up a bad night, and as I was leaving, I decided to put $20 in a quarter slot machine and just chill out for a little while, cool my head. I ended up winning $500. I also discovered that the Ohio school employees retirement fund owes me $500 for my time as a debate coach in Wadsworth. Therefore, I decided to spend my bankroll (which last night amounted to $1000, and book a trip to NYC for New Year’s. Now, I will wait for my check from Ohio to start my bankroll yet again. I realize that this has set me back even further, and since I spent all my liquid (non-savings) money booking this trip, I now have to live sparsely for a little while. Alas, I am a spontaneous person. Naturally, my goal of a $9000 bankroll by end of year will not be happening as I am nearly a month behind. As such, I have extended my deadline to February 14th, Valentine’s day. It gives me something to aspire to. Because these developments surprised me, I want them to be the subject of today’s thought. I won’t actually be writing a thought, though. I just want you to think about how you deal with surprises.


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