Being Comfortable With Yourself – Daily Log Day 12

I was chilling outside an ice cream shop with some friends tonight, and a couple of them were getting anxious because we were just sitting and talking for a long time. They wanted to get up and do something. At first I thought this might just be a simple desire to engage in activity, but I soon realized it could be something a little deeper than that. This interaction is the inspiration for today’s thought.

Thought of the Day

Here’s something to consider. Why do you hang out with your friends? Do you spend time with them because you enjoy their company or because the alternative is being lonely, and that doesn’t appeal to you? Why do you want to do something? Is it because you will actually enjoy that activity, or because you become uncomfortable with inactivity? And if you are uncomfortable with inactivity, why is that the case?

The reality is that peoples’ motivations for actions and behaviors go far beyond what they are immediately aware of and what they immediately show. Each of us has an emotional framework that drives and controls everything we do. The problem is understanding this framework so that we can use it. After a certain age, it becomes very difficult, nigh impossible, to change a person’s fundamental emotional construct. It has been built, for better or for worse. We can, however, become aware of how it functions. This awareness results from thoughtful, and sometimes collaborative, self reflection.

For you readers, start asking yourself why you do things. Everything you do has some motivation behind it. The most important part of this questioning is to go as deep as possible. If you do something because you want to, ask yourself why you want to. If you find that it makes you feel good, ask yourself why it makes you feel good. If you realize that it reminds you of a happy time in your life, ask yourself why that happens, and so on. You should keep asking why until you realize you have duplicated an answer or you have exhausted the chain. Therein will lie your emotional self. Meet that self. Embrace it. Understand it. Use it to motivate yourself, enrich your life, and open yourself up to a world of intense emotional experience.


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