3 Easy Steps to Not Giving a Fuck – Daily Log Day 10

I haven’t written a seduction post in a while. I thought I’d take this opportunity to throw a little instruction your way. Looking back over the advice I’ve given, I realized that there is very little on getting over approach anxiety. Here’s the great Hollywood lesson of studying game; you really end up being so confident and internally sound, you just don’t care what beautiful women think about you anymore. The first step to this is getting over the anxiety of approaching them to begin with. Well, here’s the way to do it!

Thought of the Day

Three Easy Steps to Not Giving a Fuck

1. Be Disgusting for a Day – Get up, and don’t shower. Don’t do your hair; don’t brush your teeth; do nothing to get ready. Go out and spend your day in your pajamas being filthy. You will notice that the vast majority of other people won’t notice. The truth is that people are so caught up in their own worlds that they perceive very little that isn’t directly relevant to them. Even if they do notice something, it doesn’t stick long in their memories.

2. Say Hello to Everyone – Go to the mall, and say hi to everyone that passes by, and I do mean everyone, not just women. Don’t say anything complicated. Just smile, and say, “Hi, how are you doing?” Don’t stop while you’re walking. Just look at them, and greet them. Some people will even be so startled by a happy positive person that they will stop to have a conversation with you. The truth is that most people are caught up in a negative world. The slightest bit of positivity and optimism can have a very dramatic effect. What’s the worst that could happen?

3. Strap a Dildo to Your Head – OK, real talk, just do this. Strap a dildo to your forehead, and go introduce yourself to as many women as possible. Just go out with the sole mission of introducing yourself to 100 new women you have never met. They’ll notice the dildo, I assure you, but you will be shocked by how few of them are turned away or estranged by it. If anything, it’ll be a conversation starter.

Take a seperate day to do each of these things. After you have completed these tasks, you should never have approach anxiety again. Stop giving a fuck about what people think about you, and you’ll find that your relationships become much more genuine, and you are able to identify and remove the negative people in your life. You will also be remarkably more successful with women.

Next time you’re worried about approaching a woman, just remember that you’ve already done it with a dildo strapped to your forehead. How much worse could this time be?


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