A Child’s Wonder – Daily Log Day 9

This journey I’ve set myself on has invigorated my capacity for childlike wonder. Today, I found myself feeling wonderment at very small things. I also watched some videos on magic, something which I had not done in a long time. The beauty of magic is the inspiration for today’s thought.

Thought of the Day

Children have the amazing ability to experience true wonder at the world around them. Seeing even the simplest thing for the first time, like a butterfly or a card trick, can fill them with a sense of curiosity and wonder that I have yet to see any adult replicate. One of the greatest tragedies of the “real world” is its ability to rob people of this capacity. As we get older and experience more, we become jaded and blind to the spectacular beauty around us. Adults do not go to the zoo; they take children there. Adults don’t play in the dirt, and they even discourage children from doing so. The wonder of magic is dismissed as childish or boring, even insignificant. It saddens me everytime I see somebody caught up in their world so much that they don’t experience life. They don’t experience all the marvelous little things that comprise the world around them. If there is one thing I am thankful for in my life, it is that I still marvel at magic when everyone around me seems to have lost that childlike capacity. I could spend an entire day at the zoo and still not want to leave, even if I’d seen every animal. I could sit in front of an aquarium tank for hours and feel giddy everytime the same colorful fish circled by me. Most will call it immature, and I agree. Being mature is stupid anyway 😛

For you readers, take some time to appreciate the intricacies that make up your universe. Take some time to sink into everything which you may be missing, and don’t let the beauty of the world pass you by. Retain your ability to wonder at the simple and be curious about everything. You will find your life infinitely enriched.


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