Internalization Begins – Daily Log Day 3

It was difficult for me to get myself into the gym today, but once I did, I found a surge of energy that propelled me through a very intense and satisfyingly exhausting workout. As I lay in my bed and type this out, I am reminded that the beginning of an endeavor can often be the most difficult part because it is the hardest to see any results at the beginning. That being said, personal development is all about getting into a state of mind which allows you to work toward those results consistently and not succumb to laziness. I was thinking about this whilst practicing the Sonic today. I kept doing it over and over again, and I couldn’t bring myself to understand how my fingers would ever work in the way they needed to. In fact, I showed it to a friend, and he also couldn’t understand how/why the pen would ever rotate in that fashion. However, after a couple hours of robotic and clumsy attempts, I successfully landed the trick. I was proud of myself, and I realized that practice works by developing a rhythm or capability in your muscles through repetition. This has been true when I have practiced soccer, learned to beatbox, and now when I am learning pen spinning. When I start to practice, every motion needs to be thought out and is rather difficult. However, with practice, those motions become internalized, and the ability becomes natural. Remembering this pattern of development was the inspiration for today’s thought.

Thought of the Day

Developing a state of mind is much like developing a new physical skill; it needs to be internalized through practice. Being able to consistently work toward these new goals I have set for myself will become easier as I continue to repeat the process of motivating myself because the motivation will become internalized and occur on its own. This is how I existed previously. It was easy to acquire new skills and learn new things because nothing seemed like work. Despite requiring effort, nothing felt like it required effort because of the absurd amount of internal motivation I had to experience everything I could. I want to internalize that state of mind once again, but it won’t happen overnight. It likely won’t even happen in a couple weeks. However, through diligence, I am confident that I will get there once again.

For you readers, I want you to take this thought to heart. If you want to make a change in your life, realize that it will take time to internalize that change. It may not seem like your efforts will work in the beginning, but like training a muscle, you must train your mind and your perception to work in particular ways. Start with something small and see if you can internalize a new process or perspective over the course of the next week or month. Make it a part of yourself.


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