The Journey Begins – Daily Log Day 1

I had a realization this weekend which has led me onto a new path in my life. I sat down at a casino poker table for the first time in a while on Saturday, and I lost $500. I wasn’t phased; it wasn’t the first time I’d had a bad night. So, I went back the next day, and I won $1280. Again, I wasn’t really that phased; it wasn’t the first time I’d had a good night. I went home and proceeded to count my bankroll, like I do after every poker game. The total came to $8785. I was phased.

I had started a journey of self improvement about 3 years ago. During this journey I had become remarkably skilled with women, had gotten on an exercise regimen, traveled through England, learned all sorts of useful skills, worked many careers, started my own company, and a number of other things. About 9 months ago, I included poker in that improvement journey. I had been good at poker, but I decided to take a shot and see if I could build a good bankroll through solid management and consistent wins. I started with $500, and I turned it into $9000 in about 6 months. Since then, however, my bankroll hasn’t grown; it has been hovering around that $9000 mark. The reason for this, I suppose, is that I deviated from my bankroll management system. I figured, hey, I have 9k in liquid cash, let’s just have a little fun.

What I realized this past weekend is that my bankroll serves as a metaphor for my life. I have plateaued. I have an amazing life, don’t get me wrong, and I’m quite happy with it. The problem is that I have stagnated, and for the past several months, I haven’t experienced many new things, met many new people, or really done anything terribly exciting. I’ve just lived my life. That’s not really who I am.

As a result of this realization, I decided today that I was going to get back onto the horse, so to speak. I have always had a laundry list of things I have wanted to do like learning to play the piano, learning salsa dancing, finishing my novel, and much more. I want to complete my list within the next ten years, and I want to retire within the five years after that. Despite this amazing windfall of motivation, however, I recognize that I need to ease myself back into the state of mind I was once in. If I don’t, I will inevitably become overwhelmed and lose that motivation.

I’ve decided to start with exercise and poker. I deposited $8500 of my bankroll into my savings today so I wouldn’t touch it and started with the remaining $285, as I had many months ago. This start, I decided, would force me to stick to the system I had developed and rebuild my bankroll since I no longer have that 9k of liquid cash. I want my bankroll to be back up to $9000 within 3 months, by December 17th. In order to do this, I have set a target of making $900 per week at the tables. Additionally, I want to lose 20 pounds by my birthday, October 26th. This will put me back to my ideal healthy weight. In order to do this, I’ve adopted an hour a day cardio regimen which includes running, biking, and cardio weight training.

I will continue to add things to the list of what I am doing, and I will regularly post updates.

I will post my running daily bankroll and weekly weight loss statuses on this blog. There are a couple reasons I am doing this. I want to keep myself motivated, and sharing my journey with others helps me do that. Also, I hope to maybe motivate others to begin self improvement journeys of their own. I hope to build a community of close dedicated people who share the same state of mind and help motivate each other to grow and improve. This is a good start.

I also want to share the knowledge and experiences I have developed over the past several years of my life, aside from all the stuff I’ve shared about women. As such, I will include a tidbit with every status update I post. My first update and thought are below. Enjoy, and feel free to comment!

Poker Bankroll

Today: +$235
Total: $520

Thought of the Day

It’s difficult to find reasons to do things. Why should I get better at poker? Why should I lose weight? I mean, really, if it requires so much effort, what’s the point? The Buddhists would scoff at what I am about to tell you, but then again, I am not a big fan of Buddhist philosophy. The real trouble is that we shouldn’t need a reason to begin with. Desire should be enough. I’m going to get better at poker because I want to. I’m going to lose weight because I want to. That’s it.

I find that my quality of life has dramatically improved when I stopped seeking motivation to do things and realized that the motivation was already there. I do not need any reason to do something other than my own desire, and I do not accept any reason other than my own desire. This makes me happier, and it allows me to have the drive to accomplish much more. I forgot that over the past few months and kept asking myself why I should do things. With the beginning of my journey today, I hope to reinvigorate my desires and once again be cosumed by that drive to experience life.


2 responses to “The Journey Begins – Daily Log Day 1

  1. *snaps* I’m proud to call you a brother Sultan. I myself have started trying to lose weight and get back in shape. I’ve made excuses long enough and it’s time that I actually do something about it because I want to. I’ve cut fast food out completely (it’s been two and a half weeks) and I’m already down 8 pounds from that. As far as the bankroll situation, I’m pretty sure you made as much last night playing poker as I do in an entire week working my shitty job. The good new is that I start a new job (with 3M) on Thursday, but there’s got to be a better way to make the dough. I am not gifted in many areas such as yourself but need to do some searching to find out what I can do to make a little extra cash on the side. My ultimate goal is to have my 15k of loans paid off to Case in the next year so I can transfer and finish a degree. If I find something I am content with before then, who knows. Anyway, just thought I’d tell you that I enjoyed your article and share a little of myself at the same time.

  2. Hey! It’s great to hear from you Brad, and thanks for sharing! Congrats and cutting out the fast food and being down that much already. I’m only on my second day of working out, but it’s going well so far. I like the soreness šŸ˜› As far as money, my advice to you is try and find something you really enjoy. Don’t worry so much about the money itself but rather on finding a job that doesn’t really feel like a job. You’ll figure it out I’m sure. Best of luck to you, and keep sharing!

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