The Birth of LightStrike Design – I’m Starting a Graphic and Web Design Company

I currently work as the design and marketing guy at Brainmaster Technologies and StressTherapy Solutions. While this position pays very well, it gets boring fairly quickly as most of the work does not lend itself to much creativity. So, I have started a design business of my own. I am talented, and I have already experienced a fair amount of success designing websites and marketing materials. What do I have to lose?

I already have a few clients and websites I’m designing, and I will post updates here as they happen. I will also be designing the company’s website at, so look for that as well!

For now, I need to decide on a logo. I have designed a couple, and I thought I would ask you all to help me pick one. Or, help me come up with ideas! If you give me a really good one, I’ll give you credit and some compensation for your suggestion. Hell, if this thing really takes off, you may even get a job 😛 Anwyay, check out the logos, and let me know!


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