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What is a Thing?

A Poem About Thing

What is a thing?
She asked wondering
The words are still ringing

I suppose
I answered, musing
Thing can be anything
It doesn’t necessarily need to be something
It can even be nothing

It can be made
Or it can just be
It can be you
Or it can even be me

Thing can even be doing
Like coming
Or going
Or perhaps neither
And just staying

There are no boundaries
No definitions
Only quandries
And inquisitions

Consider this
I said to her
Everything is Thing
And yet, Thing is not Everything
In fact, Thing is just

4 thoughts on “What is a Thing?”

  1. Paully Flowers says:

    nice. can i upload my love letter? btw nice site.

    1. Ace says:

      Thanks! And yes, feel free to put up whatever you would like 🙂

  2. faith says:

    what is your source for the global exchange pro because I can find it

    1. sxa255 says:

      The case positions are meant to be just that, case positions. I come up with them; they are not summaries of cards or other sources. You have to do your own research and find evidence. Maybe research other similar infrastructure projects and see the impact they’ve had on global cultural and economic exchange. There are plenty of examples throughout history. You’re not going to just find a card that says what you want to say.

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