Blinding Her With Pleasure – Sex and Sensory Deprivation

We’ve all heard that the other senses become stronger to compensate when one sense is lost. Scientifically speaking, this is a true statement. Most people though, don’t use¬†this fact to their advantage. You don’t have to be blind to understand and utilize the power of heightened senses. Sensory deprivation is an incredible tool in the bedroom, and it is one that every man should have in his toolkit. It adds an entirely new and exciting dynamic to a sexual experience, and if you really want to please your partner, you should definitely give it a try. In this post, I take a look at the five senses, and take some time to describe how each can be enhanced or taken away to give her pleasure like she has never before experienced.


It’s not a big secret that touch is the most important sense in a sexual encounter. After all, her vagina can’t talk to you, see you, smell you, or taste you, can it? You cannot remove or diminish her sense of touch, nor should you try. Instead, you should focus on touch by depriving her other senses. You can do a lot to enhance and tease this sensibility. Use ice cubes or cold water around her stomach and navel. This is particularly effective if she has a flat abdomen. Use a feather or your fingertips to tickle the insides of her thighs. Don’t be afraid to dig your nails into her back or bite her a little harder than you normally would. Grab the back of her neck and push it up as you run your tongue from her collar bone up to just below her ear. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pain and pleasure and hot and cold. Drip some cold water onto her nipples then blow a thin stream of air onto them and bite them gently when they become hard. These are all things you can use to attack her sense of touch. Be wary though, too much stimulation will cause her to overload and become uncomfortable. Proceed slowly and gently, and use these techniques sparingly. Remember also that these techniques ought to be used in conjunction with deprivation of other senses, which is discussed below. So keep reading!


Sight is hardly important. You should just get rid of it for her. Blindfolding is usually the best option. And you should a soft and sensual material to do it like satin or silk, something that feels good on her skin. Turn the lights off before you blindfold her so that it’s a gradual procession, and begin heightening the other senses immediately. Whisper her in ear while you tie the blindfold and tell her that she’s about to experience the best night of her life, or whatever sexy thing you want to say to her.

Sight is also a good place to start if you’re beginning to experiment with sensory deprivation. Click here to check out a great blindfold cuff combo you can use as a beginner. It’s comfortable and sexy. If you’re looking for more products to try, scroll to the end of the post!


This is the one sense which can either be removed or used. If you want to remove it, only do so if you have also taken away her sight. Otherwise, it’s just goofy and pointless. Both in conjunction, though, can add the tantalizing elements of fear and anticipation to her sexual experience. If she cannot hear or see you coming, then each action of tactile stimulation becomes that much more intense. She anticipates each drop of water, feather stroke, or bite that much more, and it effects her that much more as well. This also means that you need to be more careful, however, because the potential for overloading becomes much greater.

If you want to use hearing, then music and sensual whispers are the way to go. Put on some good sexy music. Good choices are usually one where there are breathy verses sung by women in heat or romantic verses sung by lonely men. If you’re being more aggressive, then try hard rock or rap. Lots of bass, high treble, and high pitches are things which should be avoided. And even if the music is playing, be sure to still talk and whisper to her. Tell her how good she tastes, how much you love watching her body twist in ecstasy, etc…


This is a tricky sense to manage. Generally, avoiding it is probably your best option, especially if you’ve got her blindfolded. You don’t want to put things in her mouth that she can’t see…for the most part ūüėČ You can’t really take it away, so if you want to engage with, sensual foods are a good option, and you should use them at the beginning of the night, before you really get into the sexual part. Chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, cake-like desserts, ice cream, and such things are good options. Taking her to dinner where she can get tasty food is also a good option. That food doesn’t even have to be romantic, it just has to be something she enjoys. You can also use taste at the end. Have some chocolate together after you’re done, or a warm chocolaty coffee drink. Whatever you choose should work. Decide among yourselves.


You obviously shouldn’t take away her sense of smell. This will be awkward and uncomfortable. Use it instead. The first way to do this is to smell good yourself. Be sure you’re showered and clean, and wear a good cologne you know she likes. It will especially get her excited if she can’t see you, but she can feel the heat coming off you and smell your scent. It’s very primal and very sexy. You can light some incense as well, ¬†or use scented oil diffusers to keep your place always smelling good. The most important thing is to not offend her sense of smell. If your breath smells bad, or you smell bad, the entire night could be ruined for her.

Well, there it is. Go ahead, try these things out. I guarantee that you’ll experience a new and incredible sexual world. If you’re looking for some additional products to try, take a look at the items below.