The Voices In My Head Series

My poetry is dark and macabre. It’s also sensual and sexual, and on rare occasions can be funny. I like to explore the darker parts of ourselves through my work, the parts we’re often afraid to confront. The Voices In My Head is a series of poetry books I plan to continue releasing throughout my life. I’ll update this post as more books are released. For now, check out the ones I’ve released below. Click the cover images to get the books on Amazon.

The Voices in My Head

The voices in my head speak to me. They never cease their screeching speeches to me. Take a look inside and listen to those same voices.

These poems contain fears, hopes, and desires. They are a walk through memories, dreams, and life full of turmoil. They are a brief, and sometimes haunting, look at the scenery of the human mind. Read them and feel your own demons awakened. Absorb the words and embrace the beauty in their horror. Stand in front of a mirror, and truly look at your reflection for the first time, as you listen to the voices in my head.

Answering Myself

A collection of poetry that takes you on a journey through the darkest parts of the human mind. Explore your fears, anxieties, and desires through resonant words that bring the landscape of your inner most thoughts to life. If you are looking for more adult poetry exploring themes of regret, depression, violence, and sexuality, then this is the book for you.