The Moral Permissibility of Euthanasia – Is There Really A Difference Between Killing and Letting Die?

Opponents of euthanasia often pose the argument that it is better to allow a patient to die than it is to actively kill them. It is morally permissible for a physician to allow a patient to voluntarily stop eating and drinking or to sedate the Continue Reading

The Foundations of Faith – Why We Believe in God

I want to take some time to look at the existential condition of the person who believes in God. I want to talk about how we humans construct our moral belief system, and why this makes us particularly disposed to religion. What is at stake Continue Reading

Gay Marriage and the Fascination with the “Immutable Characteristic”

I have a problem with the way the debate about gay marriage pans out these days. My problem isn’t with people who say that homosexual couples should or should not have the right to marry, but rather the reasoning behind it. The discourse has devolved Continue Reading

The Making of a Terrorist: Common Misconceptions

A lot of people think they know what makes a terrorist. Among the common misconceptions are the ideas that religion causes terrorism, poverty or socioeconomic circumstances cause terrorism, political oppression causes terrorism, or that low education causes terrorism. None of these theories are empirically viable. Continue Reading