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Projecting Your Feelings – Daily Log Day 8

I have a friend, a very close friend, more than a friend really, someone who has helped me through what was probably the most difficult emotional part of my life. Even really good friends, however, sometimes lose control and awareness of their emotions. She had a

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Distilling Information – Daily Log Days 6 & 7

I decided to group my weekend logs together, mostly because I forgot to write yesterday’s post when I got home late last night 😛 Nevertheless, I lost 4 pounds this week! Yay! I’m well on my way to my goal for losing 20 by my

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The Trouble With Society – Daily Log Day 5

Today is my day to chill. It’s the one day in the week I have scheduled where I do not work toward any of my goals and just unwind after the week. I will pick back up with working out and practicing my spinning tomorrow.

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Managing Positive Reinforcement – Daily Log Day 4

I mastered the Sonic today! I repeated it like a bazillion times, and it was awesome! Now, I need to master it on the rest of my fingers, and I can move on to the next trick. I’ve also been keeping up with my workouts,

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Internalization Begins – Daily Log Day 3

It was difficult for me to get myself into the gym today, but once I did, I found a surge of energy that propelled me through a very intense and satisfyingly exhausting workout. As I lay in my bed and type this out, I am

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The First Big Hurdle – Daily Log Day 2

It’s only Day 2, and I have already hit my first major bump in the road. I had a pretty bad day at the tables, and I ended up losing all $520 of my new bankroll….fuck. While this is an unfortunate turn of events, I

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The Journey Begins – Daily Log Day 1

I had a realization this weekend which has led me onto a new path in my life. I sat down at a casino poker table for the first time in a while on Saturday, and I lost $500. I wasn’t phased; it wasn’t the first

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My Trip White Water Rafting

I want white water rafting yesterday with a good buddy of mine. We drove out to Ohiopyle, PA, and traveled about 7 miles down the Youghegeny river in an inflatable raft with two other people and two guides. It was a great experience and a

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Graduated From Case Western

The most recent development in my life, at least of note, is that I graduated with my MA and BA from Case Western Reserve University. Success! I’m not really a fan of big formal rituals, but it was still nice for my parents to see