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My First Poetry Ebook Release!

  I’m releasing my first complete book of poetry on October 1st! It will be available on Amazon as an ebook, so keep an eye out, and if you feel so inclined, download a copy! Here’s a sample from the book to entice you a

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Life in an Abusive Home – An Honest Confession

The earliest memory I have of my childhood is my father dragging my mother by the hair into their bedroom while beating her with his shoe. We were getting ready for Friday prayer, and my father had run out of his moisturizing cream, which apparently

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Ramadan and the Miracle of the Ice Cream Sandwich

For those of you who are not familiar with Ramadan, it is the holiest of months on the Muslim calendar. During this month, Muslims fast (abstain from all food and drink) from dawn to sunset every day for one lunar month. During this time, Muslims

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Staying Connected – Daily Log Days 40 – 45

I’m in Tacoma, Washington! Instead of a complicated, reflective thought, I thought I’d keep today’s comment brief and simple. If you find yourself becoming busy or traveling a lot, don’t forget to stay connected with the people you love and others in your life. Modern

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Immersion – Daily Log Days 36 – 39

My first work trip was amazing. I had a great time, and I learned a great deal of useful information. While the town I visited was small, becoming immersed in the people and culture was an invaluable experience. That concept is the inspiration for today’s

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Delayed Flights – Daily Log Days 30 – 35

I sincerely apologize for my absence from the blogosphere for the past couple days. I’m currently sitting at the airport, waiting for my delayed flight. I hate flight delays; they make me want to punch babies. Nevertheless, I am all sorts of amused by the

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When I’m Gone – Daily Log Days 28 & 29

I was thinking today about how people would react when I died. Why? I don’t know; these thoughts just cross my mind sometimes. That is the inspiration for today’s thought. Thought of the Day I want my death to be the celebration of a fully

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Impulse Control (or lack thereof) – Daily Logs Days 24-27

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple days. I became super busy super quickly. Nevertheless, I have returned to the blogosphere with updates! My hair now has purple and blue highlights! Why?! Because I felt like it! It looks all sorts of sexy. That is

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Pity is Useless – Daily Log Days 22 & 23

I remembered today a conversation that I had with a friend in high school. I used to mentor mentally handicapped students throughout high school and college. One day, a friend of mine saw me walking out after one of my mentor sessions and told me