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Having a Partner Who Supports Your Goals, Even When You Don’t

As I live my life, I keep learning and growing. I continue to evolve my understanding even in those areas in which I consider myself an expert. My relationships are one such thing. Recently, I became consciously aware of a new dimension of my marriage

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Love and Hope – A Reflection on Our Wedding

  It has been two months since I got hitched, and I’ve tried several times since then to write this post, but I haven’t really had much to say that seemed to warrant a post, that is, until now. Yes, our wedding was amazing. It was

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Opening Wounds – What Father’s Day Means to Me

It’s heartwarming to see all the posts of people sharing special moments with their fathers on this day, or remembering with fondness the moments they’ve shared in the past. I still struggle, though, to not feel a twinge of bitterness and to keep away the

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Mosques of the World #1 – Saudi Arabia

Welcome to a new series I’m doing. My recent posting in Dubai has afforded me the opportunity to travel around the world with a frequency I hadn’t been able to before. As a result, I’ve made it a point to visit at least one local

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5 Lessons Learned From a Month of Poetry

It’s an interesting thing, a month long commitment to writing one poem each day. I think, like comedy, that poetry is a uniquely human exercise. It affords the opportunity to reflect on the parts of our thoughts that our conscious minds are reluctant, or perhaps

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Moments – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #1

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s the first one, enjoy! Want to check out more of my work? Grab a copy of my poetry book here on Amazon! Moments They add up One transforming into the

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What Would Make You Truly Happy?

It’s a simple question, isn’t it? Yet, despite its simplicity, I don’t know many people who can answer it confidently. It is a question too often asked too late. This isn’t a long post. It isn’t one of my rants or commentaries, but rather just