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Opinion – TakeAKnee – A Great Way to Take a Stand

I was a student who wouldn’t say the pledge of allegiance in school. I’d still stand, but wouldn’t put my hand on my heart, or actually say the words. Not only did the words “under God” not sit with me too well, but I knew

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The Carrier Deal – Perspectives You Should Understand

Image courtesy of AP Government Blog I’m quite selective about posting anything political these days. There is enough noise in the discourse, and I want to pick particularly interesting things to talk about, if anything at all. The Carrier AC deal in Indiana is just

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Where Are the Calls for Condemnation for a Muslim Being Shot?

It is a challenging time in which to be Muslim. Not only is the Islamic world the front line of the fight against radical Islam, but the political realities of being a Muslim in Western nations which pride themselves on their self proclaimed stellar human rights

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Stop Pretending ISIS Isn’t Muslim

I am Muslim, and I know Islam to be a religion of peace. Historically and according to the scripture, Islam is a religion of inclusion. Sharia, as it was practiced during and following the time of the Prophet Muhammad, codified inclusion and coexistence. It protected

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Political Correctness is Gay – Here’s Why

You don’t kill a disease by addressing its symptoms. Cancer is not treated with painkillers and anti-emetics. If you call someone a rake, you are not saying that the gardening implement is an immoral pleasure seeker. Language and words do not carry any objective meaning.

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Mosques of the World #1 – Saudi Arabia

Welcome to a new series I’m doing. My recent posting in Dubai has afforded me the opportunity to travel around the world with a frequency I hadn’t been able to before. As a result, I’ve made it a point to visit at least one local

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Why France’s Free Speech Defense of Charlie Hebdo is Untenable

Because people judge before reading, let me start by saying that I do not condone the terrible acts of violence perpetuated against Charlie Hebdo. The teachings of Islam do not support or justify such actions. There are numerous versus in the Quran in which Allah

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Is Money the Root of All Evil?

    I love money. I really do. I want more of it, a lot of it in fact. But, I don’t think about stealing from people. Whenever I conduct business, whether at my place of employment or in my own ventures, I don’t lie

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The Fatwa Every Muslim Leader Should Be Issuing

In the Quran and the Hadith, there is no definitive decree on who has the right to issue a fatwa, or religious ruling. Tradition has dictated those with formal education and training in Islamic law should be the only ones issuing fatwas. But, fatwas are