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Emimen Revival Album Review

Eminem Revival Album Review Overall Rating: 3/5 Here’s the deal; media outlets love writing over the top incendiary reviews. Either the album is the best ever made, or it’s complete trash. The truth is usually somewhere in between. I write a lot of reviews on

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A Man of Music

A Man of Music   Let’s pretend for a minute that we can squeeze all of the professions in the world into two categories: scientists and artists. To believe that we must broaden our interpretation of each; a scientist discovers and develops while an artist

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The Sickest Cypher to Date – Shady and SlaughterHouse

Thank goodness for Shady, AfterMath, and SlaughterHouse. The modern rap and hip hop scenes are riddled with clowns who can’t write decent clever bars to save their lives. I’m glad to see some real rappers getting some notoriety, and Eminem deserves a great deal of praise

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The Hook: Hip Hop’s Double Edged Sword

These days, rap or hip hop songs usually need a good hook to get popularly recognized. This has its benefits. It forces collaboration. Let’s be realistic; Eminem, B.O.B, Jay-Z, and Kanye, while all great artists and lyricists, can’t really sing without an auto tune, and

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Fast Lane – Eminem and Royce Da 5’9

I have become rather disillusioned with music lately. There isn’t a great deal of really good stuff becoming popular, which is kind of tragic, especially in the world of rap. I like hearing substantial lyrics with a great flow, and the so called “rappers” these