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“I Need a Job!” – Tips on Writing a Resume Cover Letter

The current economy isn’t exactly in great shape. This doesn’t mean, however, that getting a job is impossible. Most people just don’t understand the proper way to impress a potential employer. In the world of online applications, it is increasingly important to have an attractive

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Chapter 1

The Deal Chapter 1 – Blinds Posted It’s a little before midnight, and I’ve finally decided to call it quits. Two thousand two hundred seventy seven dollars richer, I’m walking home through the streets of Chicago. This isn’t the Chicago everyone sees on TV. It’s

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I Want to Get Into Graduate School! – Tips on Writing a Personal Statement

It’s that season when people begin thinking about their applications for graduate and professional school. You need to take all your standardized tests, get your recommendations, spend your savings on application fees, and write a personal statement for your application. I thought I would make

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Beginning Excerpt of My Novel

So, I’ve decided to write a novel. It’s going to fall into the “mystical realism” genre, something I feel is substantially lacking these days. Here’s an introductory excerpt. Let me know what you think! Gravity a journey into the shark’s den A white tube light

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You view the world through your own particular lens shaped by so many different things like your upbringing and even your genetics. One of my missions in life is to get as many people as I can to see beyond that lens. The world becomes