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Having a Partner Who Supports Your Goals, Even When You Don’t

As I live my life, I keep learning and growing. I continue to evolve my understanding even in those areas in which I consider myself an expert. My relationships are one such thing. Recently, I became consciously aware of a new dimension of my marriage

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5 Truths About True Love

  Too many people don’t understand what it really means to love somebody, and have them love you back. Movies and TV shows portray love as some insurmountable force that will succeed against all odds if you just give it a chance. The tale of

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Tinder Date Horror Story – Dating Advice I Can Respect

I don’t normally like dating advice to women from women. Usually, such advice is hateful and antagonistic, rather than actually being empowering. This is because I don’t think people, in general, are self aware enough to provide good constructive advice to others like themselves. As a

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Why Date Night is Important and How it Helps Your Relationship

It sounds super cliche right? Setting up time for the two of you to go on a date, whatever that may entail, might seem a little forced and childish. Although, movies and such make it seem really important. That’s the time you have to reconnect with

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Be Patient With Her – A Guide to Real Understanding

I’ve learned many lessons in my life, some with much more difficulty than others. Of all the lessons I’ve learned, how to really and truly be patient is one of the most important. I haven’t written a relationship post in a long time, and I

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Body Image – A Practical Look

If I read another article about how the media objectifies women or watch another video of an attractive woman preaching about how girls should have a healthy body image, I may just lose it. This has become a very prominent topic in modern discourse, particularly

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Why I Hate Your Pink Equals Signs

I do my best not to write emotionally charged posts that make sweeping generalizations. Every now and then, however, I find myself traveling a path of agitation that only a cathartic chastising of the greater social media community can cure. This is one of those

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Limiting Beliefs – What They Are and Why You Shouldn’t Have Them

You have limiting beliefs. So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to understand what limiting beliefs are. You’re going to learn about all the problems they cause. Then, you’re going take a deep look inside yourself and find out what your limiting beliefs

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Blinding Her With Pleasure – Sex and Sensory Deprivation

We’ve all heard that the other senses become stronger to compensate when one sense is lost. Scientifically speaking, this is a true statement. Most people though, don’t use this fact to their advantage. You don’t have to be blind to understand and utilize the power of