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My First Poetry Ebook Release!

  I’m releasing my first complete book of poetry on October 1st! It will be available on Amazon as an ebook, so keep an eye out, and if you feel so inclined, download a copy! Here’s a sample from the book to entice you a

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The Trials and Tears of Open Mic Night

The Trials and Tears of Open Mic Night The readers lips moved with the sound of tears as he spoke, frankly, about his loves and fears Snuffles, he called him. A cat. I hate cats. His eyes pooled over (but still, his speech was poor)

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Nightlightning Studying the mind in darkness unkind, Can infinity be the answer to life So solid and poison and filled with delight? When time becomes timeless and days into nights echo on through the caverns with the search still in sight Lightning strikes the mind

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Be Not Ashamed of that Ecstasy

“My brother asked the birds to forgive him; that sounds senseless, but it is right; for all is like an ocean, all is flowing and blending; a touch in one place set up movement at the other end of the earth…It’s like an ocean, I

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A Tribute

A Tribute A wobbly cane and a picture book Unsteady hands with a wily look A mind that’s sharp, not dulled with time A time that grew as he passed by. “The sands of yours Oh Father Time Still wonder why I cry sometimes Not

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The Bottom

The Bottom The room reeked of beer, sweat, lingering dances, but mostly him, beginning to sway slowly on the stool. A fan was punching the air, trying relentlessly to make it move while various cowboy boots shuffled around below. The sun had been beating down

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to love but one

to row one sea is blind to where the river’s going   Your velvet lips they turned away To seek another sorrow   to fight with life with troubled hope is hopeless still   Until such day you wonder why Your lips they spoke so