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Still Great, Despite Jennifer Lawrence – Review of mother!

Warning Some Spoilers Ahead! Is it the best movie ever made? No, certainly not. But, is it a risk that pays off and creates a unique piece that is engrossing, confusing, and enlightening at the same time? Yes, definitely. There are a lot of reviews

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For The Horde! – Review of Warcraft

I haven’t posted a movie review in ages, but this particular one is definitely warranted because of all the hate the movie is getting online. I watched the film tonight, and I thought it was fantastic. Then, I went on the internet and drank a big

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Oh No You Didn’t! – 25 Times People Actually Went There

  This isn’t actually a post; it’s more of a social experiment. I recently had a discussion about deconstructing the type of content that gets traffic on the internet. This post is a small attempt to test a theory. Maybe it will work, and maybe

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Nothing is Off Limits in Comedy, and Here’s Why

In the face of Ferguson, a newly awoken fervor in feminism, and other social and political goings on in this country, I think it’s important to talk about our capacity as human beings to laugh at everything that happens to us and around us. I’d

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Movie Night – Super 8

I was all kinds of excited for this movie. Spielberg and Abrams on the same project? That has epic written all over it. I didn’t expect the film to be Oscar-worthy or anything, but I did expect it to be entertaining and captivating. I didn’t

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Love Bites – The Best Show About All Things “Relationshippy”

I don’t like a lot of modern shows that address issues about relationships, sexuality, and such things. Most of them are inaccurate or they dramatize real issues in a way that gives people a false representation of reality. Shows like Glee, Secret Life of the

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A Night At The Movies: Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Hangover 2

Last night I went to Regal Cinemas at Severance Town Center with a good buddy of mine to watch the sequels to Kung Fu Panda and The Hangover, two of my favorite movies. I was expecting a night filled with laughter and hilarity, but these