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Resolved: Targeted killing is a morally permissible foreign policy tool

I’m thinking about writing and publishing briefs. So, before reading the topic analysis, if you could please take a second to answer the poll below, I would appreciate it. Thanks! Alrighty, another topic to analyze and such. Let’s start with identifying important terms. Nouns –

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How to Debate: The Fundamentals

The current state of high school debate is deplorable, and the national circuit is doing absolutely nothing to help it. I am sick and tired of seeing students using briefs, arguing theory, and quibbling over definitions. Our instructors have forgotten what it means to debate

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Resolved: Birthright citizenship should be abolished in the United States.

Ok, let’s start with parts of speech. Nouns – birthright citizenship, United States Verbs – should be, abolished Let’s continue with definitions. Birthright citizenship – Birthright citizenship is the concept that those born in a particular country automatically receive citizenship of that country. In this case, we

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The New Section for High School Debate

I was sad to hear that one of my chief topic introduction sources during my high school deays of LD Debate, decorabilia, was going offline. Apparently the blog’s founder, Jim Anderson, no longer has the time to contribute the significant amount of attention required to