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The Making of a Terrorist: Common Misconceptions

A lot of people think they know what makes a terrorist. Among the common misconceptions are the ideas that religion causes terrorism, poverty or socioeconomic circumstances cause terrorism, political oppression causes terrorism, or that low education causes terrorism. None of these theories are empirically viable.

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Big News in the World of Soccer

Yesterday was a big day in the world of soccer. FC Barcelona took the UEFA Champions League title in decisive fashion, and Bin Hamman decided to quit the race for FIFA President. I will begin by talking about the Champions League final. Taking nothing away from

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Atomism and its Problems

The idea that everything is composed of tiny indivisible particles is nothing new. The Greeks, Indians, and Muslims that predecessed us over a millenium ago all developed theories of atomism. The problem is that none of these theories, including the modern one, are logically possible.

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The Biggest Sex Mistakes: Bullshit From the Experts

Have you ever had bad sex? Confusing sex? Sex where you weren’t sure what your partner wanted, and where you wondered why your partner wasn’t doing what you wanted? Well, the experts pretend like they have all the answers. Check out to hear what

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President Obama Argues Against UN-Declared Statehood for Palestine

Obama’s push against UN-approved Palestine – Inside Story – Al Jazeera English. President Barack Obama is actively campaigning in Europe against the newly proposed UN Declaration of statehood for Palestine. According to Al-Jazeera, the initiative is gaining support quickly, and Obama has an uphill battle

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Fast Lane – Eminem and Royce Da 5’9

I have become rather disillusioned with music lately. There isn’t a great deal of really good stuff becoming popular, which is kind of tragic, especially in the world of rap. I like hearing substantial lyrics with a great flow, and the so called “rappers” these

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Graduated From Case Western

The most recent development in my life, at least of note, is that I graduated with my MA and BA from Case Western Reserve University. Success! I’m not really a fan of big formal rituals, but it was still nice for my parents to see

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You view the world through your own particular lens shaped by so many different things like your upbringing and even your genetics. One of my missions in life is to get as many people as I can to see beyond that lens. The world becomes