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Sultan Ahmed

Sultan Ahmed – Founder

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, moved to Dubai before I was one, and to Egypt right after my third birthday. I spent four years and some months living there. I sailed the Nile, took a little yellow submarine into the Red Sea, and walked inside the pyramids at Giza. I moved to Wadsworth, Ohio, when I was seven years old. I arrived on December 31, 1998 in the middle of a terrible snowstorm and on the brink of the new year. In retrospect, that arrival date is very poetic, symbolic of new beginnings and what not.

I graduated from Wadsworth High School in 2008 and matriculated (SAT word for you) to Case Western Reserve University at the age of 16. I graduated from the BA/MA program in 2011 with degrees in Philosophy and Bioethics respectively.

I see the world in a way different from most, as I’m sure you will discover throughout reading the material on this site, and through engaging with me if you decide to contribute your own. I seek to encourage those I can, particularly those I care about, to try and understand why they see things the way they do. I have found through my own experiences that this is best accomplished through active interaction with others, through discourse and discussion, through thoughtful and incisive exercise of the mind and heart. I have started this site to help begin such a discourse. It is my hope that I can spur a high level of discussion which will help all those involved enrich their respective understandings of the world.

That’s me in a nutshell. If you want to know a bit more about my work, visit this page. If you want to know anything else, feel free to email me or leave a comment. And remember, I want to know all about you too, so don’t hesitate to interact.

Paul Ryland

Paul Ryland – Contributing Writer – Paul’s Musings

I am one of billions of life forms existing on this planet within the ties of natural evolution. But just as the humble bee, whose life is surely no more meaningful, no more meaningless, I delight in the sipping of nectar from life’s most prodigious flowers. I “toe the line” as Thoreau more elegantly put it, between the eternities of the past and future, and strive to make every moment an experience, to pull the remarkable from the mundane.

I am a very passionate person, throwing my all at whatever it is capturing my intrigue at a given moment. I love soccer, America, hiking, grilling, cowboys, saxophoning (it’s a real verb, look it up), Virginia Woolf, arguing, people named Sultan, my pooch Comet, emotional monologues, Good Will Hunting, bonfires, looking fine, philosophizing, and Budweisers. And every once in awhile I write something.

Please, don’t be afraid to reach out to let me know what you think of my stuff, share with me writings of your own, or find out more things I love. Enjoy!

Justin Knight – Contributing Writer – The Fountain of Youth

“I’m Justin.” A two word sentence that was often my first response to a question and the end of the discussion. You see when you’re a twin growing up you quickly realize that your existence causes a lot of confusion for those around you. Best to dispel cases of mistaken identity quickly. This sentence is often followed by either an introduction or awkward silence and stuttering. I’m going to go with the introduction.

I’m Justin, a sprouting programmer, professional geek and lover of science who hails from the lustrous town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. There I spent most of my young life either hiking through the woods and streams or in my friends basement at a LAN party playing Warcraft. Not the most similar things and choosing between the two for college I went with the outdoors life and studied Biology at the University of Minnesota. There I focused on good test scores and copious amounts of volunteer work to make that med-school application flawless.  It’s also where I grew my vision of living forever which culminated in my Senior presentation on the Ethics of Immortality. Aging and death enchanted me and I was often up late at my desk reading through the latest studies on mice or cells. There I was then all set to apply to medical school and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor who could solve the mystery of death (cliche, I know), but here I am now still with no doctorate and certainly not one with an M in front of it. Why that’s because Justin the programmer was born.

The summer after i graduated I ended up working at a job that forced me to learn a bit of coding.  This knowledge fanned a flame I hadn’t felt since I was a kid and I no longer felt that medicine was the route I wanted to pursue. I wanted to be a creator, a tech wizard, a programmer. Of course with no formal training it has not been easy to learn and catch up to my peers, but ihey they say where this is a will, there is a way.

So that’s a lot about me and now you know a little bit about why <insert name of blog sections> exist. Young programmer coming from a new field? Join me on my climb into the world of development. Want to discuss science and philosophy? Help me find the key to immortality.

If you want to just message me for a conversation I’m happy to oblige, just remember I’m Justin. And you are?

Past Contributors

Maddy Prestridge – Contributing Artist – The Drawing Board

To say I had a rather dull beginning to life is an understatement.

Born in Orville, Ohio and raised in Wadsworth, Ohio, activities were not exactly found in abundance. To find adventure and things that interested me I had to very much go out of my way from the fairly rural towns. Being an only child only added to the challenge. This challenge, however, did not last long after the discovery of my first paints and pencils. Unfortunately for my parents, drawings started to fill my life not only on paper and art projects, but also on the walls…and the floors…and the ceiling on some rare cases. But it was only the beginning of what could easily be called an excessively imaginative and exciting childhood only to be filled with more art and a substantial amount of injuries. I attended Montessori schools until I turned twelve, which was about when I transferred to the Wadsworth public schools where, due to my different way of thinking, my grades tended to suffer. But even through a school system that taught me just about nothing, I started learning on my own and discovered more things than I could probably tell you. Nonetheless, I’m a 2013 graduate of Wadsworth High School and fully intend to pursue a career in Illustration and Film after building my portfolio for the next year after starting my tattoo apprenticeship. So here I am. getting roped into discussing and drawing up art things on the internet with this guy named Sultan, who’s pretty awesome, and possibly the only person who can beat me in Tetris, fun fact.

Anyways, I dig a lot of things other than just art; honestly, there are countless things I could list off for a group of complete strangers, but I’ll just name a few. I play copious amounts of ultimate frisbee and golf, weekly if not more often. I built my own gaming computer and use it frequently (steam steals all of my money). I cook and grill like a champion and can make a pretty mean fire. I enjoy the occasional cigar with scotch and can’t say I’d pass up a solid party. I’m very much obsessed with movies, especially the classics, and play several instruments. (the electric bass is in fact my jam). Other than that, I should note I competed for four years in International Extemporaneous Speaking achieving numerous awards, and I absolutely love Arrested Development.

Also, sarcasm. I use that more than I should, probably.

If you want to know anything else or talk to me about anything in particular don’t be afraid to ask, e-mail, sing me a song, whatever. I’ll do my best to get back to you! Nice to meet you!

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