Leading Up to the New Book – 30 Poems in 30 Days – 3 Poem Weekend Catch Up

I’m gearing up for the next release in my series of poetry by doing another 30 in 30. If you haven’t, check out the first installment, The Voices In My Head, on Amazon. The next installment will be out on October 26th, my birthday!


Devil’s tongues
Blue, orange, yellow
Flicking upward
Tasting their work

Cracks of splintering wood
Herald the end of a lost time
A chorus of goodbyes
Burying the past where it belongs

I set fire to yesterday


The beat grows
With the rising sun

Echoed by the trudging of boots
Across barren fields
Sodden with the night’s rain

The thunder rolls
Ever louder
Ever angrier

They hold their breath
As the tide flows over the hill
Blocking out the sun


They stretch as far as you can see
Soldiers watching unseen gates
Guarding empty cities
Full of hollow hopes and withered wishes

Slaves whipped night and day
By an unforgiving and never ending wind
Hungry for cries of pain
From children and widows left alone