Leading Up to the New Book – 30 Poems in 30 Days – 3 for 1 Catch Up

I’m gearing up for the next release in my series of poetry by doing another 30 in 30. If you haven’t, check out the first installment, The Voices In My Head, on Amazon. The next installment will be out on October 26th, my birthday!

I Don’t Understand

Shrill screams hang in the cold air
Waking warnings to beware

Of memories that lurk
Bringing out of us the worst

The shadows hold power here
Your God is nowhere near


Every brick I lay
Your breathing slows

Every swipe of the trowel
Your heartbeat is muffled

I bury you alive with my demons
As I laugh at the fear in your eyes


You do not know what’s best for me
You who think you’ve figured it out

You do not know how to keep me
You who built this shattered cage

You do not know how to teach me to fly
You who is planted in the earth

You are a thief
A robber
Preaching falsehoods
Reaching deep into my pockets

But freedom is my ally
It is the wind upon which I am borne
Over the fields of fire
Which you have wrought

I am carried into welcoming twilight
As you glass castles crumble
Your devils take your throne
And your world burns

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