Leading Up to the New Book – 30 Poems in 30 Days – A Symphony

I’m gearing up for the next release in my series of poetry by doing another 30 in 30. If you haven’t, check out the first installment, The Voices In My Head, on Amazon. The next installment will be out on October 26th, my birthday!

A Symphony

The arrangement is set
Players at the ready
Blades sharpened
Guests taking their seats

The fires light
Dancing smiling with hidden secrets
The sizzle of oil wafts aroma
Into the den of vultures

Herbs are slaughtered
Millions of bits of green confetti
Perfuming the humid air
Stifling screams of the forgotten

Vegetables prepared
Julienne, mirepoix, dice
Accouterments arranged
A drop here, a dash there

He closes his eyes
Preparing for the crescendo
Embracing the red
Pulsing beneath his hands

The chef drifts effortlessly
Floating on nimble toes
Carrying his trophies
To their final preparation

The cheeks begin to sizzle
But they are not beef
The hearts pulse under the oven’s heat
But they come not from cows

Aromas drift into the air
Like screams growing louder

The drifts into memories
Hunting his quarry by starlight

The surprise as he springs from his stalk
The screams as he butchers the stock

It is the most beautiful symphony
He is conductor