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Leading Up to the New Book – 30 Poems in 30 Days – Weekend Catch Up

Pull Me In

I want
To be wanted

To be the object
Of desire

The target
Of lust

I want to be pulled
By voracious thirst

To be sought
By wandering eyes

To be had
By unhinged hunger


Empty landscapes
Wrought by wars
Across unremembered ages
Screams simmering
Above barren lands
Fertilized with blood
Dry soil wet with hate
Spilled in fury

In My Mind

I fly high above the clouds
Drenched in black sunlight
Soaring beyond sound
Clenched by icy fright

I am beyond hope
Because dreams aren’t real
I have fallen off the slope
Descending into the surreal

All mysteries have been solved
Because answers don’t exist
All sins have been absolved
Because forgiveness is a myth

In my mind
Horrors of reality live
In my mind
The truth of the world begins


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