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Leading Up to the New Book – 30 Poems in 30 Days – A Feather

I’m gearing up for the next release in my series of poetry by doing another 30 in 30. If you haven’t, check out the first installment, The Voices In My Head, on Amazon. The next installment will be out on October 26th, my birthday!

A Feather

If a whisper came to life
It would be a feather
Lighter than air
On which it floats

Drifting across sunlit horizons
Carrying memories
Of hopes once held tightly
Now lost to the selfish wind

I still feel the brush of that finger
Hear the tickle of that whisper
When I lie alone in futile prayer
Beseeching silent gods that never answer

A feather that flies
Just out of reach
Not matter how far I stretch
How persistently I chase

I am met only by the call
Of inevitable night
Dropping, dropping
On the last rays of sunset

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