30 Poems in 30 Days #23, 24, 25, 26, 27 – Catching Up


You know that feeling?
Of chains?
Shackles of cold steels
Around your ankles, wrists

Knowing that you put them there
That you welcomed their embrace
Is the greatest tragedy

Losing Grip

Reality is fickle
The air wavers
With slightest heat
Temptations rising
Into the beckoning sun

People stare as they roast
In the daylight
Beneath dying stars
Fists clench
Sparks fly


It’s a strange word, no?
How can you be struck by thunder
For those of us who have felt it’s warmth
There is no return

Lover’s Quarrel

No screaming
Nothing broken but feelings and hearts
No cursing
Nothing said but the most biting words

There is no greater responsibility
Than knowledge of someone else
No greater fragility
Than another’s heart in your hands

Engulfed in your own heat
The temptation to squeeze
To crush
Is almost irresistible

Be warned
Against yourself
Be wary
Of your own demons

The Sands

They shift ceaselessly
Under balmy winds
Hiding entire worlds
Beneath their ever changing faces

Scorpions of history
Lurk in the depths
Ready to strike
At unwary travelers

Be not afraid
Of what you do not know
For the sands
Eventually make all into the unknown

You too
Shall one day be buried
Under the weight
Of feather light grains

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