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30 Poems in 30 Days #15 – Unwelcome Guest

An empty knock
On the hollow door

Echos bounce
In empty halls
Unsettled dust
Shifts restlessly
Upon forgotten banisters
Remembering hands
That once trailed there

Pale sunlight
Greyed by age
Onto rotting floorboards
Ages end
New ones begin
In this empty castle

The door swings open
Cautious footsteps

The beasts lay dormant
Stomachs full
Of fire and brimstone
Of greed and lust
Of hunger and desire
Their bellies rumble quietly

Blinking away the haze
They wake

Her soft soles
Can still be felt
Distant memories
Left to linger
Without peace
Within this lonely place
A single solitary home
For fallen souls

They roar as the stranger enters
It is feeding time again


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