30 Poems in 30 Days #14 – Lost

It’s a queer wandering
This journey I’m on
Traveling entire universes
While sitting behind a desk

The shadows’ chase
My constant fear
I travel alone
Though surrounded by others

It doesn’t work
Does it?
Whatever you try
It’s impossible to become it

Entire cities crumble
Skyscrapers tumbling
Becoming that from which they were born
While I stare through the screen

The tides rise
With the blood spilled
From wars in distant lands
Forgotten as soon as it happens

A red sun rises
More frequently
Crimson mornings
Than ever before

Yet I wander
But don’t we all?
Eyes closed
Or blindfolds tightly affixed

The rubble we tread on
Grows higher and higher
But our eyes
Never fall below the horizon

All the while
Screams echo
With the setting
Of a crimson sun